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March 7, 2011

MNG 2 by Nikkie 🙂 featuring a woven dress

Mango Style. I mean it 😀


Monthly Code! + Maybe

September 3, 2010


The monthly code is out!



Should I make a contest?

Codes! Sorry

August 31, 2010

The codes are in sorry I’m late! :/

Weekly: A919-138F-B3D2-2F94

Facebook: 4B13-0191-E149-39D4


Credit goes to LC for this one!

Guess What! (You’ll probably know by now!)

You know about those vehicle licenses?

Well on Monday (The next update I think!)

Everyone will get vehicles for free when they reach a certain level.

For Example.

Level 20 – Light Roller Skates

Level 30 – Beach Skateboard

Level 40 – Blue Cow Standard Hoverboard

Level 50 – Retro Scooter

Level 60 – Classy Red Car

Even if you are on a level higher than 60 you’ll get all of them!



Facebook Code!

August 23, 2010



Weekly Code!

August 23, 2010

Heya there!

Only the weekly code is out not the facebook code!

I will post the facebook code as soon as possible!

Meanwhile enjoy the weekly code!


Ooh and errm here is the fake toolbar link!



August 22, 2010

Hey everybody!

As you know I am one of the new authors.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I will try and post every single day and make this blog the best it could ever be!

I am still sad if you think I am happy.

P.S : The codes should come out soon.



August 22, 2010

I`m back from my holiday..Aww…Imma miss you all,but I made a decision.I`m quiting my blog and ourworld.The new authors are:


Crystal Cute

I added both of them to my blog.Now,a message for them:

Girls,I hope you`ll take care of this site and make ONLY interesting posts.If you are bored and there are no news..DON`T MAKE ANY PCrOST,just wait for some news.Please,don`t delete Darky,my Squiby pet and be patient.I`m going to miss all of my visitors&friends,but this is it.I will post sometimes—)MAYBE.Soo..Welcome Deely&Crystal Cute!!

May be my last post,

CrAzY nIkKi3